Happy Holidays from the McNeill Group!

Happy holidays and a bright 2016 to you and yours, from the McNeill Group (past and present!).

McNeill Group EOS Winter 2015 (L to R: VFM, Aayan, Sammy, MacKenzie, Dexter, William, Hannah, Alison, Jessica, Leah, Linfeng, Nate)


McNeill Group Mini-Reunion 2015 (L to R, back: Sid, Sammy, Joe B, Giuliana, Andrew, Angela, VFM, Aayan, Min, Joe W, Mike, Neha)




New collaborative publication in ACPD: Aqueous organic aerosol chemistry in GEOS-Chem

We are please to announce the publication of our latest collaborative publication in Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss! The lead author is Eloise Marais of Harvard University.

Aqueous-phase mechanism for secondary organic aerosol formation from isoprene: application to the Southeast United States and co-benefit of SO2 emission controls Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., 15, 32005-32047, 2015

Welcome new McNeill Group members: PhD, Masters, Undergraduate, and Junior member Aayan!

Things are buzzing in the McNeill group this Fall! We are very happy to announce the addition of a new Columbia Chemical Engineering PhD candidate to the McNeill Group, William Gang Tsui.  William is a graduate of Cooper Union. We also welcome Nate (Jian Xu), a CSC fellow and PhD student from Fudan University.  We are joined by Masters’ students Leah Curry, from CCNY, and Linfeng Du.  New undergraduate students include Mackenzie Blaine Humes and Dexter Dante Antonio. Finally, we welcome junior member Aayan, Prof. McNeill’s son, born 9/10/15!

WilliamGTsui_largeJian Xu (2)IMG_1162

IMG_6283 (1)Dexter Antonio headshotMcNeill-0001

McNeill granted Kenneth T. Whitby Award of AAAR

Prof. McNeill was one of two scientists honored with the Kenneth T. Whitby Award at the 2015 annual meeting of AAAR in Minneapolis, MN this October.  The award “recognizes outstanding technical contributions to aerosol science and technology by a young scientist. The purpose of the award is to encourage continued work in the field and ongoing support of such endeavors.” The citation is given below.


simpleGAMMA analysis of SOAS data published in Atmos. Chem. Phys.

We’re happy to announce the acceptance and final publication of this paper, led by the Surratt Group at UNC, in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.  It is the first example of the application of our model, simpleGAMMA, to interpret field measurements of tracer species for aqueous SOA formation.

Examining the effects of anthropogenic emissions on isoprene-derived secondary organic aerosol formation during the 2013 Southern Oxidant and Aerosol Study (SOAS) at the Look Rock, Tennessee, ground site
by S.H. Budisulistiorini, X. Li, S.T. Bairai, J. Renfro, Y. Liu, Y.J. Liu, K.A. McKinney, S.T. Martin, V.F. McNeill, H.O.T. Pye, A. Nenes, M.E. Neff, E.A. Stone, S. Mueller, C. Knote, S.L. Shaw, Z. Zhang, A. Gold, and J.D. Surratt

AIChE Environmental Division Graduate and Undergrad Student Paper Awards: Nominate by 8/15

Announcing the 2015 AIChE Environmental Division graduate and undergraduate student paper award competitions.  Send nominations to Prof. McNeill at vfm2103@columbia.edu by Aug 15, 2015.  See links below for more information.

AIChE Environmental Division graduate student paper award

AIChE Environmental Division undergraduate student paper award

simpleGAMMA manuscript published in Geosci. Model Dev. !

We are thrilled to announce the publication of the final version of our manuscript introducing simpleGAMMA, our reduced aqueous mechanism for aqueous aerosol SOA formation, in Geoscientific Model Development!

“simpleGAMMA 1.0 – A reduced model of secondary organic aerosol formation in the aqueous aerosol phase (aaSOA)” JL Woo and VF McNeill, Geosci. Model. Dev. 8, 1821-1829 (2015)  link to paper


Welcome Summer Researchers

The McNeill group extends a warm welcome to all our summer researchers!

Columbia Chem E Undergraduates: Jessica Jocson, Hannah Kim

Columbia Chem E Masters: Xuan Wu

Caltech SURF Fellow: Kayane Dingilian

University of Maine Visiting Summer Researcher: Silvia Vina Lopez


Mario Molina Festschrift in J. Phys. Chem. A!

We are excited to announce the online publication of the Mario Molina Festschrift in J. Phys. Chem. A.! Check out this excellent collection of atmospheric chemistry-themed articles, submitted in honor of Prof. Mario Molina (link).

Prof. McNeill and the other editors of the Festschrift wrote a preface to the special issue in tribute to Prof. Molina (link).

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