McNeill Group @ #AAAR2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the annual meeting of the American Association for Aerosol Research. The McNeill group will be participating all week:

  • Recent graduate Dr. Han Huynh will present in section 2AC Aerosol Chemistry II on “Heterogeneous Reactivity of HCl and CaCO3 aerosols at Stratospheric Temperature.” This work was recently published in the Mario Molina memorial issue of ACS Earth and Space Chemistry link to paper 
  • Prof. McNeill will speak in section 3ST, the Special Symposium on Translating Aerosol Research for Societal Impact: Science Communication and Public Outreach. She will be discussing the collaborative work “Room-Level Ventilation in Schools and Universities,” preprint available here.
  • Forwood (Woods) Wiser will speak in section 4AC Aerosol Chemistry IV on “AMORE: Automated Mechanism Reduction in Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Prof. McNeill will chair and speak in section 8UA, Urban Aerosols II. Her talk will be on the work of the Clean Air Toolbox for Cities Initiative in Kolkata, India.