New McNeill Group Publication in ACPD

We are pleased to announce our latest publication in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, “Technical note: Updated parameterization of the reactive uptake of glyoxal and methylglyoxal by atmospheric aerosols and cloud droplets.” The lead author on the article is Leah Curry, a McNeill Group alumna who received her Masters degree from Columbia University in 2017.

In this manuscript, we calculate and parameterize reactive uptake coefficients for glyoxal and methylglyoxal for several cloud and aerosol types for application in large-scale atmospheric chemistry modeling. Current representation of these processes in models was based on early experimental observations, but new insight from experimental and modeling studies has opened the door for a more refined evaluation of these parameterizations.

We take into account salting effects, aerosol thermodynamics, mass transfer considerations, and aqueous phase chemical kinetics. We base our calculations on cloud and aerosol types used in GEOS-Chem v11, so these recommendations can be applied directly to that model, but the approach is general.