Whiteface Mountain Cloud Chemistry Initiative

The McNeill Group is participating in the Whiteface Mountain Cloud Chemistry Initiative, a large-scale collaborative effort to characterize cloudwater chemistry at a mountain site in upstate New York.  The project thus far has consisted of a kickoff workshop in September 2016, an intensive pilot study which was led by Prof. Sara Lance of University at Albany-SUNY in late August 2017, and a cloudwater chemistry model intercomparison study. McNeill Group Ph.D. student William Tsui and Prof. McNeill have been using our model, GAMMA, to simulate cloudwater chemistry at Whiteface Mountain alongside NOAA, NCAR, and CAPRAM models.  The results of the model intercomparison will be presented by project leader Dr. Mary Barth at the AAAR meeting next month. This presentation will be part of the special symposium being organized by Prof. McNeill and Prof. Ann Marie Carlton of UC Irvine, entitled “There Must be Something in the Water: Cloud, Fog, and Aerosol Aqueous Chemistry for Aerosol Production.”