New McNeill Group Publication

The McNeill Group is happy to announce that a new manuscript has been published for open discussion in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions. This article is part of a special issue originating from discussions at the 3rd AICI Workshop, which was hosted at Columbia University in June 2011.

Relationship between snow microstructure and physical and chemical processes. Bartels-Rausch, T.*, Jacobi, H.-W., Kahan, T., Thomas, J., Thomson, E.S., Abbatt, J. P. D. , Ammann, M., Blackford, J.R., Bluhm, H., Boxe, C., Domine, F., Frey, M.M., Gladich, I., Guzman, M.I., Heger, D., Huthwelker, T., Klan, P., Kuhs, W. F., Kuo, M.H., Maus, S., Moussa, S.G., McNeill, V. F., Newberg, J.T., Pettersson, J.B.C., Roeselova, M., Sodeau, J., Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., 12, 30409-30541, 2012 Link to paper