Collaborative McNeill Group Research on the Cover of ACS Earth & Space Chem

Our collaborative work, led by the Rao group at Utah State University was recently published in ACS Earth & Space Chemistry and our artwork was selected as one of the covers for the current issue! This work, which describes nonlinear optical spectroscopy studies of the gas-particle partitioning of formic and acetic acids to aqueous aerosol particles, was funded by a collaborative NSF grant to the Rao and McNeill Groups.

Qian, Y., Brown, J.B., Wang, H., Huang-Fu, Z.-C., Zhang, T., Hosseini Narouei, F., McNeill, V.F., Rao, Y.* Partitioning of Formic and Acetic Acids to the Gas/Aerosol Interface. ACS Earth Space Chem (2023)