Lab move! Lab move! (Renovation Phase 1)

The McNeill Lab is undergoing a major renovation starting today. This is the first facelift the space has had since the S.W. Mudd building was constructed in 1966, so the renovation is overdue, but these kinds of changes are always bittersweet. This dilapidated old lab holds 10 years of McNeill group memories, including:

  • Coty Jen (then a fresh faced sophomore, now an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University!) sanding and hand painting the peeling bench surfaces
  • Creation of the student office from a storage room and pass-through window, hand painting the office
  • Building our own ventilation duct system
  • Breaking down the front wall to move in our stainless steel reactor
  • Years of departing students personalizing bricks in the student office
  • Lots and lots of problem solving, innovation, and science.

The lab was packed over the last few weeks and everything was moved to a temporary storage space today.  We will move in to a temporary lab space on the CU Medical School campus starting in July until construction is finished in 2018, when we’ll return to this space.