New collaborative publication on model-observation synthesis in the SOAS 2013 campaign

We’re excited to announce the publication of a new article by lead author Prof. Jingqiu Mao.  This article provides an overview of the synthesis of models and observations in the 2013 SOAS field campaign.  We were thrilled to be part of this community activity which was spearheaded by Prof. Annmarie Carlton of UC Irvine.

Mao, J.*, Carlton, A., Cohen, R.C., Brune, W.H., Brown, S.S., Wolfe, G.M., Jimenez, J.L., Pye, H.O.T., Ng, N.L., Xu, L., McNeill, V.F., Tsigaridis, K., McDonald, B.C., Warneke, C., Guenther, A., Alvarado, M.J., de Gouw, J., Mickley, L.J., Liebensperger, E.M., Mathur, R., Nolte, C.G., Portmann, R.W., Unger, N., Tosca, M., Horowitz, L.W. “Southeast Atmosphere Studies: learning from model-observation syntheses.” Atmos. Chem. Phys. 18, 2615-2651 (2018). link to paper